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Make these smart sunglasses your travel gear


Snap Spectacles: The young person’s choice of smartglasses, Snap’s Spectacles keep things simple and stylish. The smartglasses record 10 seconds of circular video at a time, which can then be shared to Snapchat and on other social media like Twitter. That’s it. They charge in the case, it’s all really simple.

Vuzix Blade 3000: Blade 3000s  offers a display projected onto the right lens to overlay emails or even YouTube videos on the world around you. There’s both voice assistance and touchpad controls. Plus, you get a camera to capture stills and 1080p video. Rounding out the package are eight hours of battery life, bluetooth, wi-fi and the potential of designer collaborations on the horizon.

Vue: Vue glasses use bone conduction tech so you can use these instead of earphones, as well as a touch interface to control music and calls. They also handle notifications and activity tracking.

Solos: Solos aims to become a cyclist’s best friend. These smartglasses pack in a small heads-up display enabling cyclists to glance at a host of useful data in real time, including speed, cadence, heart rate and power zones. They were supposed to ship late last year, but got held up by FCC certifications until recently and are shipping to backers now. They’ll work with existing running apps like Strava and MapMyRide, offer navigation and are compatible with bluetooth and ANT+ devices if you want to pair them with other cycling tracking kit.

Vuzix M300: With an Intel Atom processor powering performance, the M300s run on Android with 2GB RAM, 16GB of internal storage and Wi-Fi connectivity among the more notable specs. There’s also a 13-megapixel camera to take pics, head tracking support and dual cancelling microphones.

Sony SmartEyeGlass: The SmartEyeGlass includes a bunch of features, including a gyroscope, accelerometer, ambient light sensor and built-in camera. However, the monochrome screen is likely to put off consumers, if Sony chooses to release it beyond the business world.