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Let’s explore YouTube channels for movie fanatics


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If you like movies, the chances are you like YouTube too. On a smaller scale, YouTube gives content creators a place to share their talents with the world. It’s no surprise that movies and YouTube go together well. You can watch the latest movie trailers or even full movies on YouTube. We’ve previously discussed YouTube channels all movie fans will love, but there are so many more. Let’s explore the channels all movie fanatics really should subscribe to.


CinemaSins exists to point out everything you never noticed was wrong in movies. It’s a good blend of actual critique and funny asides that makes any CinemaSins video covering a movie you like a must-watch. You’ll find critically acclaimed and panned movies alike in the CinemaSins library. Once you watch a few episodes, you’ll get a feel for the inside jokes and tropes that the team hates, such as deus ex machina moments. Years of content make this channel perfect binge-watching material.


Best known for its Honest Trailers series, ScreenJunkies is another movie lover’s dream. Uploads are split between
Honest Trailers, which sarcastically lay out a movie’s details and exaggerate its flaws, and other movie-related discussions. The honest trailer for any movie you love will probably crack you up. Being able to laugh about the ugly sides of your favorite films is great fun. The Movie Fights series and other content make this a well-rounded channel for any movie fan.


Do you have a critical eye for catching goofs in movies? If so you’ll have a blast with this channel’s videos pointing out filming errors and other mistakes. Since these are sometimes on screen for only an instant, you might not have noticed them on your first time through the film. Admittedly, some of the “mistakes” here are a bit of a stretch, and they aren’t as enjoyable as CinemaSins presents them. It’s still fun to see how movies with million-dollar budgets can miss details, though.

Screen Rant

Want a bit of everything related to movies? Screen Rant is the channel for you. Consisting of movie theories, bloopers, fun facts, and more, this channel uploads regularly with lots of interesting videos. It’s not as focused on one type of content as some of the other channels, but that’s okay. Start a playlist here and you’re sure to find something entertaining.

Channel Awesome (The Nostalgia Critic)

The Nostalgia Critic used to have his own YouTube channel, but he’s since joined Channel Awesome. You’ll find lots of content here — it’s not all related to movies, but the Nostalgia Critic is the star of the show. Running with the tagline “I remember it so you don’t have to,” the Critic re-experiences older movies to see how well they hold up today. If there’s a movie you love from your childhood but haven’t watched in a decade, chances are it’s probably not actually that good. Let the Nostalgia Critic walk you through these movies, sometimes with an extra bit of rage — we think you’ll love it.

– Compiled by Ankita Das