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Go digital this V-Day


Express love with an e-card

Affectionate greeting cards are a tradition for couples, friends and preschoolers worldwide. However, stick only to the well-known sites and make sure you go directly to the actual website when choosing an e-card.

Websites: 123greetings, American greetings, crosscards,, paperless post, vintage postcards,, groupcard are some of our  top recommendations.

Websites for personalised gifts

Websites for personised gifts have their own way of providing the best and the most novel gifting ideas considering the customers’ needs. You will find an outstanding assortment of personalised items in various range and also in various ways like t-shirt, mugs cushions, greetings, perfumes, chocolates, stationery essentials, mugs, toys and accessories for him and her.

Recommendations: archies online, fernsnpetals, shopclues, way2flowers, wisholize, at,

Use social media

Every holiday, social media plays a role, and Valentine’s Day is no different.

Teens love Snapchat because it’s easy, quick, and fleeting.

Tweethearts, myspace and passion for memes are highly trending.

One Facebook option is to deliver a Valentine’s Day eCard that will post the eCards on a friend’s wall.

Instagram helps you to use hashtags and post messages on V-day to make your partner feel special.

Pinterest crafts helps those who want a curated list of craft ideas in anticipation of Valentine’s Day.

Last-minute tech hacks

While many of you by now would have made necessary arrangements to woo your Valentine on February 14, there are always some who remained engaged with other tasks at hand, that the thought of that wouldn’t even dawn upon them till the day dawns. But it isn’t too late yet. Here are a few last-minute ideas powered by technology that can help salvage the day of love for you.

Adventurous date for free- With activities that range from paragliding, surfing, zipping underwater hockey, paramotoring to kayaking, each city will have a unique adventure activity that will show up under the VDAY category on several apps.

Bake Date: You can opt for a bake date that will let you spend quality time with your partner by learning and baking a cake together at a time convenient to you, at a baking studio near you. All ingredients, recipes and instructions will be provided by the baking instructor.

Video cards for your loved ones: Skype has added a new feature that lets you create video messages for people you love and share them, easily. So, you can then share those video messages over Skype, or other social networks such as Facebook, or email.

 Auto-compose love letters: If you are also struggling with the right words you can take the help of Yahoo’s auto-compose love letters feature. Users can simply click on the beating heart next to the compose button and choose from three different kinds of notes – Crazy Love, Friendly Love and Out of Love. With over 100 million different messages, you are likely to find the right one for your valentine.