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Fitness wearables to keep him going


Dads may love gadgets, but there are some dads who prefer the kinds that help get them off the couch. With wearable tech booming, we’ve rounded up some favorite fitness gifts for dads who want to get in shape this Father’s Day– or who are already in great shape and want to stay that way

Basis Health Tracker
We recently checked out the new Basis health tracker (at top), and we immediately thought it would make an awesome Father’s Day gift. Not only does Basis feature super advanced technology, automatically tracking walking, biking, running, sleeping, and resting heart rate, but it also looks elegantly masculine. Plus geeky dads will love the wealth of data that Basis provides, whether they prefer to keep track on their desktop or on the iOS or Android mobile app.

TomTom Runner Cardio Fitness Watch
A great fitness watch with a sporty look, the TomTom Runner Cardio has GPS tracking and monitors heart rate while you’re working out. It could be a great gift for dads who are already making tracks but want to get even faster. We think athletic dads would take an iOU, knowing that one of these gadgets is headed their way.

Armpocket Nighthawk Running Band
Dads who dig fitness data probably won’t want to be without a phone, and I can definitely recommend the Armpocket Nighthawk  for carrying gadgets and even a little more. It will fit comfortably around his bicep (or yours, if he lets you borrow it) and unlike similar bands, this one features LED lights on both sides to help ensure cars, cyclists, and other runners can see him easily. It also happens to be really roomy, with space for a phone, a gel, and some cash.

Jawbone UP24, FitBit Flex
If you’re a fan of the streamlined look of the original wearable fitness trackers, we’re still huge fans of the Jawbone UP24 and FitBit Flex, and our comparison of these two fitness trackers continues to be a reader favorite. These are definitely more for guys who are trying to establish good habits; guys who already run 50 miles a week will be more satisfied with the Basis or the TomTom. But then, Jawbone and FitBit products aren’t nearly as pricy.

Another cool option is the SPIbelt. SPI stands for Small Personal Item, but we like how awesome it sounds to say SPIbelt, like you’re a secret agent. Also, sure beats saying fanny pack.  The pocket expands to hold your  essentials, and you can add toggles to attach a race bib too. Even if he’s not ready to run a half-marathon yet, the SPI belt might make him look like he is.