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Earthquake-Proof Bed


The bed is the brainchild of Russian inventor Dahir Semenov. Here’s how it works: When the ground starts shaking, sensors detect the movement and automatically trigger a series of events. The mattress drops you down into a panic-room-like chamber, and a lid slides over top to protect you from debris.

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 There are a few different designs featured in the video, but the most disconcerting is the one where the sides of the mattress flip up before you sink into the box, like a scary magic trick.

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The tops could close with hinges, like a trunk; slide over sort of like a trapdoor; or have a two-door design and close over you from both sides of the bed. The beds also seem to require stepstools to get in them, so that the boxes below have enough room for you, your mattress, and a bunch of food and water supplies.