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e-pundit: Recording gadgets, new Truecaller feature & more


Recordings, anyone?

Podcasts still have a big (and untapped) role to play in our oral-oriented part of the world. So does oral history. Besides, the government laws now make it somewhat easier (but not very easy) to set up community radio stations too.

For doing all of these, you’d need a simple and cost-effective recording studio. Where would you get this? Recently, and not just for academic reasons, I took up the task of seeing how many such recording gadgets and audio tools are available, at a decent price, within India.

What intrigued me more was claims on the Net that a basic recording studio could well be set up at a cost of $300 to $400. Of course, equipment in the West is easily affordable. By the time it reaches India, prices go up easily by 25-30% if not more.

Take a look at videos such as those titled The Complete $300 Home Studio on; you could find it there at or the Best Budget Home Recording Studio Setup at

Is this price possible in India too? Assuming you already have your computer (which might need updating), what else can you get by way of equipment? There’s some software to choose from, which can be got free. I don’t mean illegally copied (‘pirated’), but genuinely Free Software like Audacity. The sound card for the PC and and suitable speakers need to be taken care of too.

But check this crucial piece of equipment — Prosonus Audio Box USB $99 or Rs 9877 in India:

By way of a microphone, check out the Samson CO1 (might have it already) $77 or Rs4840 on or Shure SM57-LC Cardioid Dynamic Microphone: Rs5915

Suitable headphones are now also a mail-order away. Sennheiser HD201 circumaural headphones come at $29 or Rs1337 on

Likewise, mike stands, mike (XLR) cables and pop filters are easy to locate on Indian online sites. See; and

If you wanted to record telephone interviews too, see the Sangean DAR-101 Desk Top MP3 Recorder. It comes at a price of Rs 13,280. Go for it. Good luck!

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Sexuality online

Gender gets discussed, so does the internet. But seldom do we see the interface of sexuality with these two themes. Check out EroTICs_India on Twitter for more on this.

Brief description: It is an acronym for Exploratory Research on ICTs and Sexuality, and a project for the Association for Progressive Communications. Among the issues it raises are the connection between gender, sex and the internet; cyberspace and sexual rights; security and privacy risks for gender rights activists.

Check the website:


Truecaller integrates Apple’s CallKit to identify spam calls

Mobile communication app Truecaller recently announced the integration of the new Apple “CallKit Extension” for iOS 10 which will improve identification of spam calls on iPhones. For incoming calls, the new integration allows Truecaller to automatically identify and display whether a call has been reported as spam or is from a reputable business, reports IANS. This reduces the need to manually search for numbers of unknown calls after a call is left unanswered. In addition to the improved spam detection, Truecaller is adding a new “My Block List” feature which will let you control exactly who can and cannot contact you.

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Google invites Indian startups for ‘Launchpad Accelerator’ programme

US tech giant Google on Thursday asked for applications to attend the next session of its “Launchpad Accelerator programme” through which startups can utilise Googles mentorship and product access to scale business and capitalise on local markets, while also tapping into new global opportunities. The “Launchpad Accelerator” is a specially-designed class to help startups in emerging markets find solutions to their business challenges and successfully scale.  The startups that can apply for the programme have to be a tech startup aiming to solve a real challenge for the local market and should have proven market fit, essentially beyond the ideation stage, reports IANS. The equity-free programme will begin on January 30 next year in San Francisco and will include two weeks of all-expense-paid training. The applications can be submitted by October 24 at