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Cool gadgets to beat the heat


Stay cool the smart way with these beat-the-heat gadgets, many of which can be connected to the Internet and apps on your phone


Everyone wants a hot day solution that doesn’t break the bank. Investing in modern technology could mean better efficiency and less bill shock.

Wifi Air Conditioning

Forgot to shut down the air conditioning before you left for the day? Don’t race home – just use the app on your phone to turn it off.Smart air conditioners can tell you the exact temperature in your living room and could even let you know via text message when it is time to clean the filter, reducing the need for servicing and repairs.

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Enjoy the great outdoors and chill out with these handy devices.

Clever watering systems

It’s not just you that feels the heat. Plants are suffering too!  Innovative designers have created watering systems that reduce water use by responding to current weather conditions. If it’s raining – they won’t turn on. If it’s cold, they simply use less water. Remote access means you can switch sprinklers on and off no matter where you are, keeping your plants will be happy hydrated without over-watering them.

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Smart Fridges

The humble fridge is getting smarter in leaps and bounds. Right now, the best models are designed to reduce humidity and moderate temperature levels, keeping food fresher for longer.In the near future, your fridge could be able to send you a photo of its contents, letting you check if you need milk or any other grocery item.You might be able to scan barcodes of products before you put them in to be given suggested recipes and meal ideas. Your future fridge could even order your groceries from a screen on the door.

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Super-Capacity French Door Refrigerator