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Apps to control your home’s energy efficiency


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There are a number of energy efficiency applications on the market today, designed with the goal of helping the average consumer reduce their home’s energy use. While some simply help you track energy usage more effectively, others offer tips and tricks. Here are a few of the applications available:

Energy Cost Calculator

Energy Cost Calculator is fairly simple to use. All you need to do is enter an estimated energy user per hour, and hours per day. Then, the app uses several equations to calculate the cost of an electronic item. The app shows users their energy usage per day, week, month and year as well as the carbon emission per year. Best of all, it’s available for free on Google Play.

Power Cost Monitor – EnergyCloud

You will need to install sensors in your house in order to help this app collate relevant information. However, all products are fairly easy to use. Resultant information can be accessed online or via the mobile app. Additionally, data is available in real-time.


This app will help you find local recycling collection points. Using your current location, the app will provide vital details for collection points, such as website, phone number, directions, hours of operation and other materials collected. iRecycle is also highly recommended by iTunes – it has been featured as the app store’s “App of the Week” over five times.

Commute Greener

This free app gives you tailored tips for making your daily commute as low emission as possible, from energy-saving routes to local carpooling opportunities. Commute Greener also offers badges, rewards and communing challenges as incentives to become more energy efficient.


With GoodGuide, you can check an items environmental impact before buying it. The app does this via a bar code scanner. It has a database of more than 70,000 rating in categories ranging from toys to personal care. If you like a product, you can add it a shopping list within the app, and if it you think it’s not sustainable enough, you can note that too.

Green Outlet

This app is designed to allow users to determine which home appliances use the most energy. Additionally, the app includes an alert to let users know if they are exceeding the government’s recommended carbon usage.

– Compiled by Ankita Das