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Amazing robots around you


Although we have not yet taken to automation and robotics in a game-changing way, India has seen a constant increment in the amount of research and growth invested in robot development. India’s defense sector has already developed some groundbreaking robots like Daksh but the robot fever is slowly taking over other sectors in the country. Here’s a list of some promising robots made in India


Unveiled at Techfest at IIT Bombay in 2014, India’s First 3D Printed Humanoid Robot named Manav can walk, talk, dance, play football, and do a headstand just in response to human commands. Developed by Developed by Diwakar Vaish, this robot is primarily meant for research purposes and has been made available to several esteemed engineering colleges of the country. With two cameras in its eye sockets and two mikes on either side of its head, this two-feet tall robot has in-built vision and sound processing capability, enabling it to talk and act exactly like a human.


The first industrial robot to have been developed in the country is BRABO – short for Brave Robot. Built by TAL manufacturing Solutions under the guidance of Amit Bhingurde, this robot is 30-40% cheaper than any other industrial robot with similar applications. It can pick and place materials, assemble parts, machine, and press tending, and also perform camera and vision based jobs with ease. BRABO comes in two variants that can handle payloads of 2kg and 10kg, respectively.


Developed at the Centre for Robotics and Intelligent Systems, BITS Pilani, AcYut has a series of 7 humanoids.  Meaning “The Imperishable” in Sanskrit, it is India’s first indigenously designed autonomous humanoid. They have also represented India at established international platforms like MIT, Stanford, and RoboGames. AcYut is also consistently India’s only entry to the highly advanced Humanoid Teen Sized Soccer Leagues at Robocup where robots play soccer autonomously.


This adorable robot can be controlled from any part of the world just using a controlling device that is wifi enabled. One can move the robot to any corner of the house and angle its head up, down, left or right enabling you to be virtually present in your home. It is similar to having ‘Skype on wheels’. It claims to be the ‘world’s simplest telepresence robot’.


For the first time in the country, the city of Indore has recently launched for itself, a ‘Robocop’ to manage traffic in the city. This 14 feet high robot was installed on a pedestal, which was five feet high, and placed near the extremely busy MR9 junction, gathering a lot of attention from the citizens. This robot was able to turn itself at 360 degrees and make hand signals, similar to that of human traffic police. The police department of Indore now wants to induce solar panels inside the machine to reduce its ability to rely on electricity and run automatically with solar power.