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Add a dash of tech to Raksha Bandhan


Raksha Bandhan or rakhi (celebrated this year on August 7) is one of the most beautiful and treasured festivals for brothers and sisters across India. We all know that buying a rakhi gift for your sibling can be a daunting task, especially when you want your gift to have a sentimental value. So, if you are going out on an expedition to buy a rakhi gift, then we have a little gift for you as well. Here is a list of few tech gifts that you can get your sibling this rakhi


Polaroid was synonymous with instant photographs before digital cameras were a concept. Make your sibling’s photographs come to life through the Poloroid Zip Instant Printer and stick their amazing skyline pictures and instagram worthy food photographs in a scrapbook or their fridge! In less than a minute, users can print directly from a tablet or smartphone using Bluetooth or NFC. The tiny printer produces smudge-proof photos in full colour. Each comes out on peel-back sticky paper. Zero Ink technology produces photo-quality images without ink, ribbons, or toner.


Almost all ladies love jewellery, and it’s quite certain that your sister is no exception. In today’s technology-heavy world, jewellery has become smarter and can help in keeping women safe as well. It is the answer for women who want the activity tracking of a fitness band without the bland silicon strap, or the women who want the notifications of a smartwatch without the chunky design and glaring screen. These easily sync with smartphones and are designed to send alerts to contacts in emergency situations. Bellabeat Leaf Urban and the Ringly Aries collection of rings and bracelets are some options that one can look into.


Netflix binges are much better when you don’t have to hold a tablet, balance it, or squint at it from afar. If your sibling spends more time bing-watching than sleeping, then you might as well help them make their experience more comfortable. The AboveTek tablet arm is strong but flexible, so it can bend any whichway without drooping or slumping. The base clamps to virtually any surface, including a nightstand for watching movies in bed. It can rotate 360 degrees and extend to 24 inches. Fully adjustable, it can secure smartphones, phablets, and e-readers, as well.


Fights about whose chance it is to switch off the lights are very common among siblings who share a room. After every tiring day, we all wish to have a telepathic relationship with the lights in our room that we can use to turn them off. Make this dream of your sibling come real by purchasing TP-Link LB100 Smart Light Bulb that does this and more. Compatible with android, iOS, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, this wifi enabled bulb can be controlled from anywhere. If used correctly, a set of smart bulbs can function as an intuitive notification system, one that allows you to set visual reminders and even alarm clocks.


We’d be remiss not to include Amazon’s Echo Dot in our list of tech gifts that your sibling can enjoy, especially if they are into artificial intelligence and other nerdy tech stuff. It does everything its bigger (and more expensive) brother does by using the famous Alexa Voice Service, only it’s slightly larger than a hockey puck. Your lucky sibling can play music; provide information, read the news, set alarms, control smart home devices, and more using just your voice. Your sibling can connect it to any audio system and enjoy its features including its capability to recognize far-field voice, and it’s ever advancing functionality.


How many times has your sibling been hiking out amidst the glory of nature and felt a need to listen to their favorite summer jams, only to find that not only did they not bring speakers, but their phone is also dead? Make sure it never happens again this rakhi. The Riverfi doubles as both a Bluetooth speaker and battery, so one can charge one’s devices and listen to music wherever in the world. With a capacity of 2600mAh, the Riverfi is capable of fully charging a phone and still having energy leftover for music.