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Stepping into DAD’s shoes?

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Mahaakshay Chakraborty, Mithun’s son’s talks about his onscreen and off screen chemistry with his father in ‘Enemmy’ H Noel Singh Dias

In Ashu Trikha’s film, ‘Enemmy’ for the first time Mithun Chakraborty will share screen space and shake a leg with his son Mahaakshay Chakraborty. In a candid conversation, Mahaakshay shares about the expectations riding on his young shoulders and the experience of working with his father. Starring Mithun Chakraborty, Suniel Shetty, Mahaakshay Chakraborty, Kay Kay Menon, Johnny Lever, Mahesh Manjrekar and Yuvika Chaudhary, ‘Enemmy’ is a cop action drama slated to release on the June 21, 2013.

Tell us something about the film?

People usually ask me why there is an extra ‘M’ in ‘Enemmy’, is it for some numerological reason or acts a good luck charm? Well it’s actually none of the above. The movies title goes by the character’s name in the film where ‘E’ stands for Eklavya Karma, ‘N’ is for Nayeem Sheikh, ‘E’ is for Eric and it goes on forming ‘Enemmy’.

Can you shed more light on the character you are playing in the film?

Yes, I am playing a police officer called Madhav Sinha. The only difference is that I am the youngest of the lot and am hot-blooded who reacts without thinking and wants to impress his seniors. This affects certain things, but with time the character changes in the film. Initially, he doesn’t pay attention to certain things but towards the end all he does is think like a police officer.

How was it working with senior actors?

I was the newest in the lot and in the presence of legends. Anna, Johnny pa, Kay Kay sir, Manjrekar sir, dad are seasoned professional, solid actors and standing with them itself was an honour for me. I got to learn so much just by observing and seeing their dedication to their work. It’s been one great journey for me.

About achieving success in your career…

I don’t know whether I lack some commercial appeal or sense, it depends on destiny. Every man has his time. I don’t know when I’ll be at the top but I’m in the process of getting there. My job is to keep on doing what I was born to. I love movies and filmmaking and I’m doing all that is essential.

How did acting happen?

To be honest, I never had a dream or thought of being an actor or joining the industry. In fact, I wanted to go to NASA as I am really fond of astronomy. I still research on the planets, stars, the universe etc but fate had something else planned for me. I did my acting course from America and got a chance to do a small role of a prisoner in a short film. When I gave that first shot of my life, I got this voice from within telling me that this is what I was born to do. Ever since then, the feeling has stayed with me.

Does your dad help you with decision-making?

Dad never gets involved. In fact, he always encourages me to choose my character by myself, as it’s my profession and career.

Of course, as a father he will always be there to guide me in the right direction. But only if I want his advise and not because he is my father and I have to go to him. Yes, his verdict is always the final verdict, as I know he will always tell me the right ting to do.

Regarding comparisons with you father and expectations for you…

Comparisons always happen and that’s the burden I carry on my shoulders. I can never remove that and nor do I want to because from the career point of view this is an identity I was born with. This has it’s own pros and cons but if you ask me my personal opinion, I would say that I have reached this stage in my life where I just want to concentrate on my work. Between action and cut I want to give my hundred percent to that character. If I start thinking about people’s expectations then I’ll just hamper my work.

 Is going to gym your passion or did Suniel Shetty inspire you?

I think when it comes to one’s body there is no one as dedicated as Anna. When we were shooting, Anna and I would work out together everyday for hours after the shoot. We needed to get that look in the film where Anna was the head of the unit and I was the youngest. According to the requirement of our respective characters he had to pay attention to such details.

How was it working with your dad?

There is a story behind this as well. My very first day of shooting for ‘Enemmy’, Ashu sir called me and handed me the script saying this is my first scene and I was like, “Sir, isn’t this scene with dad?” and knowing that I got so nervous. But thanks to Ashu sir as the scene progressed I got comfortable and understood things as the scene was a very

difficult one. I later asked Ashu ji why he put this and he replied saying, “Because it is such an important scene and your work will be visible throughout in the film. I put you through the most difficult test on the very first day.” Luckily both gave me thumbs up on it and that was it for me. It was a nerve-racking experience though.

Would you do a romantic film or do you prefer action?

I love action films and want to do that, but if a good romantic film comes along, why not?

Who is your idol in the film industry?

Besides my father, I look up to Salman Khan. The way he has captured the masses is really interesting.