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Will you go half-and-half this Premier League?


For the uninitiated, let’s put the current Premier League season into context. Arsenal, as expected, are sitting pretty at the top of the table. But the more bewildering fact is the surprise entry of Leicester City, who are currently in the second place, having racked up 40 points in 20 games as opposed to 41 at the end of last season. What’s makes their resurgence all the more exciting is that the team has been on the brink of relegation for majority of 2014-14 season.

At the fourth place, is Tottenham, managed by Mauricio Pochettino, a shadow of their former selves but nevertheless churning out positive results.

However, the defending champions Chelsea have fallen from grace and are languishing in 14th place. To say that this is their worst ever season in recent years seems to be an understatement.

Besides the glory and the disappointment of the Premier League for the teams and their respective fans, there’s an emerging trend called half-and-half culture that has left religious football supporters redfaced.

The Controversial Phenomenon

If one would ask a die-hard football supporter to share their thought on this new trend, you’d get remarks along the lines of the trend being a ‘disgrace to football’, while others may simply shrug indifference. The majority seems to tend towards the former, though. At the very least, the half and half culture has given rise to existential crises amongst supporters of the sport.

A quote by John Williams to BBC Trending, sums up the unsettling changes that this culture has brought to the fore. Here’s what he says,”It makes people look like consumers, the opposite of how most football fans like to think of themselves. Most fans still think support is an accident of birth.”

“Where you are born or the influence of a parent connects you with a particular club. No matter how poorly they perform, you can’t shake that,” he continued.”The idea that that’s no longer important and that you can just choose a second club is really difficult.”

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Should You Join The Half-and-Half Bandwagon?

If you look at this new culture rationally, you’d probably feel that it makes perfect sense. Supporters would take the ‘no harm no foul’ approach and celebrate the spirit of the game. But sport, especially a game like football, loses its essence and part of its appeal.

To sum it up, here’s a famous quote by Dennis Bergkamp, the Arsenal legend, which catches the essence of being a supporter: “When you start supporting a football club, you don’t support it because of the trophies, or a player, or history, you support it because you found yourself somewhere there; found a place where you belong.”