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Playing chess, wearing nail paint, singing: Our celebs get trolled for unbelievable reasons


It is a known fact that sexism is very much prevalent in our society. People through Twitter and Facebook have this morbid fascination to become moral guardians. They tell people how they should dress, what to eat and what not to eat. And the latest victim to this is cricketer Mohammad Kaif, who yesterday uploaded a picture of himself playing chess with his son on Facebook. Forgetting his achievements and the laurels he brought internationally, whenever he has represented the country, Kaif was trolled or rather shamed for the ‘biggest crime in the world’ – uploading a picture with his son.

Mohammad Kaif was brutally trolled on social media for playing chess with his son. Here is what he posted on his official Facebook account with a caption that read: ‘Shatranj Ke Khilaadi’.

However, religious trolls who take offence at almost anything nowadays and unable to mind their own business, apparently had a problem with him playing chess. According to them, as per the Islamic laws, playing chess is haram. Islamic fantastics then poured a barrage of commenting schooling the cricketer about what is permitted in Islam and what is not!

From comments telling him to protect his wife’s beauty from outside world to cursing him for going against Islam, Irfan Pathan drew flak from moral police that has nothing better to do than sit on Facebook and shame others. But to note, this is not the first time that an Indian athlete or rather a Muslim athlete was shamed.

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In December, Mohammed Shami faced the ire of social media trolls in a similar incident. What was his mistake? He too posted up a picture with his wife and daughter in a sleeveless gown which according to many high opinionated people was religiously inappropriate.

Even, Sania Mirza who is more popular for being Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik’s wife despite her own commendable achievements. Sania, then uploaded a picture on her Twitter account wearing a red dress. But much to the shame of humanity, she drew the ire for not sticking to the dress code of Islam and wearing such revealing clothes.

Other cases:

Former Indian Idol Junior singer Nahid Afrin- a 16-year-old from Assam, too drew the ire of 46 clerics who issued a fatwa against the runner-up for singing in public. The fatwa said that Afrin was scheduled to perform on 25 March in Udali Sonai Bibi College, which is in the vicinity of a mosque and a graveyard.

Similarly, a 22-year-old Muslim girl was also being trolled for singing a Hindu devotional song in a Kannada TV channel reality show. The performance of Suhana Sayed, from Shivamogga district’s Sagar taluk, invited comments and criticisms from a Facebook page called Mangalore Muslims for taking part in the reality show.

Also, recently actress Soha Ali Khan was slammed for wearing a sari. While some of her fans did love the photos she posted, there were others who slammed her for not wishing Eid. People started trolling her for donning a sari and taunted her by saying that she’s not a Muslim anymore.