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Watch Video: Aussie Brett Lee shows off his ‘Dangal’ skills, and he’s mighty impressive


Australian Brett Lee is a man of many talents. He was a high-class cricketer before he hung up his boots. He even tried his hands at acting, he plays guitar and sings marvelously too. So, it comes hardly as any surprise that he would excel in wrestling too. Yes! well, it seems like Aamir Khan has tough competition from Brett Lee who left no stone unturned while showing off his ‘Dangal’ skills.

Brett Lee who is in India, as a part of the commentary panel for the Karnataka Premier League (KPL) 2017, tried his hands and flaunted his skills at an akhada, tossing his opponent and being roughed up as well. A video has surfaced showing the former cricketer taking to the new sport like a fish takes to water. Brett Lee is seen wearing a blue tee and grey shorts and is seen making a grand entry, all with paying homage to the ground. Brett Lee is seen bowing down to the ground and doing a Namaste before he enters the arena. The video shared by Star Sports has already garnered quite a few views and comments on YouTube. He spent time exploring techniques, getting to know the wrestlers and coaches and then finally also got himself dirty in the sand. And after a bout of around 15 minutes, KEA chairman B Siddaraju, who played the role of chief referee, declared the winner of the match.

Watch the video here: 

The video clip which is only 33 seconds long shows him pinning his opponent to the ground but the match does look a little scripted. However, we are very happy to see Brett Lee getting down and dirty and taking an interest in a desi sport. And far away from Australia, the ace pacer has a huge fan following in India and with his recent dangal, fans can’t stop talking.