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Shoaib Akhtar’s viral video is insane. And we’re not making it up


Shoaib Akhtar the former Pakistani cricketer and fastest bowler of world is getting trolled on social media for his make-up. Yes, Shoaib can be seen wearing dark colour lipstick and eye shadow as he began answering why he is always so energetic at a backstage interview of Geo TV show.

Shoaib’s bizarre make-up is talk of the town and his video is going viral on internet and people are trolling him on his Facebook account. Popular TV and social media personalities are often under the pressure to look presentable while they interact with their audience across the world.

Shoaib retired from international cricket in 2011 but he knows how to keep himself in the news. He appeared as judge on a comedy show, released his autobiography, Controversially Yours and often uploads videos on his Facebook and Twitter page.