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See You Again…


Fans participate in a tribute to the Chapecoense players killed in a plane crash. They mourned at the club’s stadium in Chapeco, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Brazil’s football community too united to support Chapecoense in every possible way.

l In a country where football is the only sport that truly matters, an overwhelming wave of sadness saw teams across the country change their logos to that of Chapecoense.

l Their official pages also bore a message of unity, “Today, all clubs in Brazil are one. #ForcaChape.”

In addition, several first division clubs signed a joint letter, offering to loan players to Chapecoense for the 2017 season at no cost.Aware of the irreparable damage caused by this terrible event, the clubs understand it is time to unite and help Chapecoense.”

l Chapecoense’s opponent in the Sudamericana final, Colombia’s Atletico Nacional, joined the tribute and said that the champion’s trophy should be given to the grieving Brazilian team.

l The club rose from the fourth division to the top league in just seven years, where it stayed for the last three seasons.