Second day of auction evokes low response


Mumbai : The return of the annual auction to Mumbai was welcomed with heightened enthusiasm, but the response evoked from potential buyers was not all that great, especially on the second day, on Tuesday.

The concluding day of the auction of two-year-old thoroughbred horses, organized by RWITC, was quite low as compared to the brisk trading at the Mahalaxmi race course, on Monday, the opening day.

During the second day some 61 horses were paraded in the ring but less than a quarter of the horses, 13 in number went under the hammer for a total of Rs 1,29,50,000 for an average price of Rs 9,96,154.

The best purchase of the day was that of a bay colt (Speaking of Which-Only Royale). The horse bred at the Usha Stud Farm, was picked for the highest purchase sum of Rs 20 lakh by Mrs B.E. Saldhana, M/s.Pradeep Vora and Jehangir Homi Mehta.

On the first day, the best buy was the two-year-old filly (Arazan out of Lovely Kiss), bred at the Poonawalla Astonish Stud Farm and was purchased for a whopping Rs 28 lakh, by Mr. Gautam Maineni of Bengaluru.

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