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Raja emerges supreme


Mumbai : The second WDBS Open Disability Snooker Championship took place from 14 to16 October 2016 at the South West Snooker Academy in Gloucester. The two-day weekend competition was open to classification groups; 1 to 5 as set out within the WDBS classification system. The tournament included players with physical disabilities who are either ambulant or wheelchair players.

Venkateswaran Subramanian popularly known as Raja topped the standings in the Open Disability Snooker Championship 2016; Group 4-5, after beating Adam Leighton, Vishal Malhotra and David Moore. Raja made 4 breaks above 40 and a number of breaks above 30, which is an achievement in itself. In the Group A standings, Raja played 4 matches, he won 11 frames and lost one.

Despite battling two disabilities, loss of sight in the right eye and a polio-affected right leg; Subramanian emerged victorious at the WDBS Open Disability Snooker Championship 2016 successfully defending his 2015 title.