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Neymar’s potential still to be fulfilled: Ferguson



Madrid: Former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson believes Brazilian forward Neymar is still a cut below strikers Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, widely recognised as the two best players in the world, but that the Brazilian could one day match the duo.

The legendary Scottish coach said Messi and Ronaldo are still untouchable at the top and challenged Neymar to reach the heights scaled by the Argentine and Portuguese aces.

“The boy Neymar gets a lot of publicity about the potential he’s got, but I think that’s still to be seen, still to be fulfilled,” Ferguson was quoted as saying by on Friday.

“Certainly, most people I speak to, speak highly of the boy. When I had Anderson at United, he spoke volumes about the boy’s ability. So, hopefully, he’ll be the next one who’ll produce the type of talent we see in Messi and Ronaldo”, the 73-year-old said.