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Must Watch: How reporter’s hilarious questions leaves Virat Kohli stunned


The India vs Pakistan at the ICC Champions Trophy final was no shortage of drama and entertainment. Though Pakistan showcased champion performance and overplayed the Men in Blue, Kohli’s graciousness deserved a true victory. The captain even said that he was proud of how India reached final. While Pakistan won the finals, Kohli’s gesture won hearts not only in India but also in Pakistan. What took a weird turn was the press conference, post the match. A reporter’s question left Kohli and everyone present completely baffled.

Watch the interview here:

Here’s the transcript of the interview:

Journalist: Winning the toss and wicket off the no ball, did you feel any pleasant moment in this match?
Virat Kohli: Any what?
Journalist: Pleasant moment. You won the toss and got a wicket on the no-ball. Did you think any more pleasant in the match?
Virat Kohli: Pleasant moment in the match? For who?
Journalist: For you.
Virat Kohli: How can a no-ball be pleasant for me?
Journalist: Because you got the wicket.
Virat Kohli: Was that even sensible? I mean, what’s happening.