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Messi not happy with Barcelona coach Enrique


Lionel Messi

Barcelona: Barcelona star striker Lionel Messi has confronted the club’s board of directors and coach Luis Enrique, who he sees as a “master of the dressing room”.

The Argentine, who had the confrontation Sunday, is reportedly irritated by the excessive authoritarianism of the coach. Messi did not attend the open training session Monday due to an upset stomach but the signs are that the relationship is not working, reports

In addition, Spanish daily El Mundo Deportivo also revealed bad vibes between the coach and Messi in the first training session of the year, where Enrique was the referee and in which the Argentine claimed a foul that the Spaniard did not award during a five-a-side game. They proceeded to have an exchange of opinions.

The situation at the club, especially after defeats, seems set to explode. Murmurs are starting to become louder that this summer could be the one Messi abandons Barcelona.