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Mario Balotelli’s pups dig the turf of his 2M pounds worth house


London: Mario Balotelli’s rented house may now need a repairing as his two pet dogs have ripped the lawn of his 2 million pound worth mansion.

A source informed that the Italian footballer’s two pups were actually handful to handle and have created riots in the house, for which they will have to call groundsman to repair the damage, the Daily Star reported.

The source added that the turf was a mess and because the place was rented the Italian striker will have to put right the damage, which will cost a few quid but still the athlete wasn’t complaining as he was on about 80 grand a week.

The 24-year-old footballer collected his dogs last month and posted a picture of him cuddling his pups on Instagram, and captioned it stating that he met them on the local rescue centre and now they have a new home. (ANI)