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Love Match! Ajinkya Rahane and Radhika Dhopavkar: Simple yet charming love story of Team India’s ‘Mr Dependable’


Ajinkya Rahane and Radhika Dhopavkar: Simple yet charming love story of Team India's 'Mr Dependable'

Love story is a topic which everyone loves to know and read about. Cricketers are also not an exception to this. Ajinkya Rahane, Team India’s ‘Mr Dependable’ has kept his relationship with Radhika Dhopavkar ‘secret’ till their marriage that took place in Mumbai in 2014. Sometime later, Rahane admitted that Radhika was his ‘childhood lover’ who has encouraged him in various ways during the early stages of his career.

Childhood sweetheartsAjinkya and Radhika’s love story will surely remind you of old-school Bollywood film where childhood sweethearts grow up as a much loving couple. While growing up Rahane and Radhika shared the same neighbourhood. The two were complete opposite temperament, yet they became friends. However, Ajinkya being a modest person, their dating days were not that mushy. They would meet and spend time like friends. Friends describe Radhika as a simple and a shy Maharashtrian girl who is modest, intelligent and extremely down to earth – a perfect match for Ajinkya, who is also very shy.

Mr and Mrs Rahane!

While the two were unofficially dating, their parents got a whiff of their likings towards each other and decided to take matter in their hands who then asked the couple if they want to be together for life, to which the both agreed. Their parents then arranged their wedding and set the date for November 26, 2014. The couple had a grand Maharashtrian wedding with fellow Indian cricketers in attendance. Looking at the couple’s love story, the couple has surely taught us the beauty of ‘simplicity’.