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Jeff Goodwin has been driving team India’s bus for 20 years, shares interesting stories about Sachin Tendulkar, Raina and others; read


After playing some matches in Manchester, Cadriff, London, leeds, and Nottingham, Indian team is travelling to Birmingham to play in a test series against England starting from August 1.

While they are stressed and travelling from places to places their bus driver Jeff Goodwin ensures they reach the venue on time.

In an interview with BCCI Jeff said, “I like the lads, they are all friendly. They are great to get on with but they are very disciplined. There is a changing way in cricket. In my times, it has changed so much. Australia will be drinking all the time after the game and staying inside the changing room till 2AM in the morning but now, not as much,” he said.

“This team, particularly India, have never known a cricket team as professional, come out after the game so fast. This team is the best one,” he added.

Jeff is driving for Indian team for almost 20 years now, Jeff also said that Raina came to help him during his wife’s illness.

“Raina, few years ago in Leeds, he gave me his shirt to auction off. I’ve never forgotten that,” he said.

He also said that his son was also a driver, who used to drive some of the team players, one of them was Sachin Tendulkar who used to sit next to his son and talk to him

My son was driving the teams. He drove India and Tendulkar used to sit there (beside the driver) and he used to say your daddy is a big star. By the end of the tour, my son became a big star as well. He is only 21. Got a nice letter from the Indian government thanking me and him,” he added.

He also revealed the secret behind everyone calling him Popeye

“In 2004, when I was driving Australia, Darren Lehmann was then making drinks and he was a player then and he says ‘You…we like you. We will give you a nickname and he was telling me all the players’ nicknames and after a few days, he went, you are Popeye and everybody calls me Popeye and I’ve even got a tattoo of Popeye now,” he continues.