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IPL Betting: 7 bar girls, Bollywood celebs, bookie Sonu Jalan and Arbaaz Khan’s confession; all you need to know


Bollywood actor Arbaaz Khan arrives to appear before the anti-extortion cell in Thane. PTI Photo *** Local Caption ***

On Saturday, Bollywood actor Arbaaz Khan confessed to betting in IPL matches. Arbaaz and bookie Sonu Jalan were questioned on Saturday by Thane Police where it was also revealed that Jalan was got into a tiff with Arbaaz as he was unable to pay the money he lost. It is also believed that it was Sonu who revealed the name of Arbaaz, followed by which the actor-producer was summoned by police for questioning.

As per the reports, it is believed that Jalan was running the IPL betting racket which has connections with Dawood’s D-Company. According to sources, police have got names of seven members of the Bollywood fraternity who were allegedly introduced to Sonu by Arbaaz Khan. Here we see the big revelations made by Arbaaz to Thane Police Anti-Extortion Cell.

7 more Bollywood actors’ involvement

Though he may not have revealed the names, however, Arbaaz has admitted that 7 Bollywood actors are also involved in the betting racket. With this now, the investigation is expected to go on as the police will try to discover the names of those Bollywood stars.

2 Bar girls also involved

Arbaaz also revealed that Jalan had brought two bars girls on board. The girls are believed to be very close to Sonu and were ready to do anything for him.


As per the police findings, Arbaaz was apprehensive for meeting Jalan alone as the latter had the habit of voice recording and filming the conversation. Reportedly, even Arbaaz did not know about this trait of Sonu for 2 years and got to know when the blackmails started coming in from Sonu with audio and video clips.

How Sonu Jalan made his PR?

Bookie Sonu Jalan, who allegedly threatened Bollywood actor Arbaaz Khan over non-payment of money lost in betting on IPL matches, after being arrested by the police, in Thane. PTI Photo *** Local Caption ***

Jalan made his clients by using high-profile people and their contacts. They reportedly introduced Jalan to others and Arbaaz also got involved with Jalan in a similar manner. As per mentioned in Zee News, there are more than 1200 clients of Sonu Jalan involved in the betting syndicate and Jalan is among 100 such people handled by a superior. If sources are to be believed, the superior is known as ‘Junior Kolkata’ and is directly in touch with the underworld. Police believe that ‘Junior Kolkata’ have already left India.

Meanwhile, IPL Commissioner Rajeev Shukla seems to have washed his hands off this case, they do not want to get dragged in. He said, “We have nothing to do with it.”

The crime branch of Mumbai Police had on Saturday confirmed that six people had been arrested in connection with the case so far, adding that more people would be arrested in the case.

Speaking to reporters, DCP Abhishek Trimukhe had said, “Six accused have been arrested in cricket betting racket. Some new names have cropped up, action will be taken against them.”

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