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IPL 2017, Rising Pune Supergiant vs Gujarat Lions: RPS 151/5 (17.4/20 ov),GL 172/3 (18.0/20 ov)


Suresh Raina’s Gujarat Lions will bank on local star Ravindra Jadeja to win their first points in Indian Premier League 2017 in Rajkot today. Having won both their matches against Rising Pune Supergiant in IPL 2016 season, the home team will have history on their side. Gujarat Lions will field first after Suresh Raina won the toss. Get live cricket score of Gujarat Lions vs Rising Pune Supergiant here.

Tye to Chahar, 2 runs


Tye to Ferguson, 1 run, good length outside off, worked away towards deep point for one.

That was Pune’s first run in six balls.


Tye to Chahar, 1 run, fullish on off, inside-edged towards square leg for one.


Tye to Thakur, OUT, another hat-trick. Two hat-tricks in one day. The first five-for of this IPL. Tye is on a roll. Gets the yorker right, and Thakur misses a flick. The ball sneaks through and hits leg and middle stump. Tye and the Lions go berserk.

SN Thakur b Tye 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00


Tye to Tiwary, OUT, another wicket. Tye on a hat-trick now. Slower ball on middle and leg, Tiwary flicks. Can’t quite get enough power behind that because of the slower ball. Kishan takes a good catch near the backward square leg boundary.

MK Tiwary c Ishan Kishan b Tye 31 (27b 2×4 1×6) SR: 114.81

Praveen concedes 10.18 an over when bowling in the last five overs of an IPL innings – significantly higher than his IPL career economy rate of 7.72.


Tye to Ankit Sharma, OUT, a superb catch from McCullum. Full on leg, Ankit gets underneath but gets more elevation than distance. Goes straight up, swirling around but McCullum gets underneath and takes a quality catch at long-on.

Ankit Sharma c McCullum b Tye 25 (15b 2×4 1×6) SR: 166.66

Andrew Tye has gone at just over four an over so far, but can he finish it off well? Tye has bowled the final over of a T20 innings 28 times and goes at 11.48 an over.


Jadeja to Tiwary, SIX, finishes the over with six. Calculated batting. Fantastic execution. Planning is one thing, but being able to do this to one of the best in the world is something else. Flat outside off, Tiwary just lets his hands through the line and lofts the ball over long-off


Jadeja to Ankit Sharma, 1 run, overpitched, a yorker on off. Hit down to long-on

Something to entertain Dhoni fans: Tapan from Bengaluru does an impersonation of MS Dhoni for the Playalike contest.


Jadeja to Tiwary, 1 run, pushed away quietly towards point


Jadeja to Ankit Sharma, 1 run, good adjustment. Flat and quick on off, the length dragged back. Ankit can just work one to point


Jadeja to Ankit Sharma, FOUR, superbly played. Full and straight, Ankit stays in his crease and drills a powerful drive through long-on


Jadeja to Tiwary, 1 run, dropped! Wow, that was hammered back. Full on off, Tiwary shimmies down and clatters a drive back at him. Jadeja can’t hold on


Basil Thampi to Tiwary, 1 run, another slower ball, straight, worked to deep midwicket for one


Basil Thampi to Tiwary, no run, another slower ball, back of the hand. Tiwary picks it but can’t get bat on his dab to third man


Basil Thampi to Ankit Sharma, 1 run, short and slow, miscued pull to long-off


Basil Thampi to Ankit Sharma, 2 runs, good single. And they’ll get an extra. Length on leg, Sharma wants to dab to third man. Cramped for room, he plays it towards silly point. Thampi gets across and misses the stumps at the bowler’s end. out if he hit, an overthrow ensues


Basil Thampi to Tiwary, 1 run, just short of deep square leg. Superb effort from Kishan. Slower ball and straight, Tiwary flicks towards deep midwicket. Kishan gets across, goes for the catchbut the ball lands short. Picked up cleanly


Basil Thampi to Tiwary, FOUR, superb batting. Fast, quick, outside off. Tiwary lets the ball come onto him before angling the bat to get the ball in front of point for four. Delectable


Jakati to Dhoni, 1 run, gets to the pitch and dinks the ball into the leg side for a run


Jakati to Dhoni, 2 runs, pushed away past short cover. As soon as he did, he knew there was two because McCullum had a lot of ground to cover from long-off


Jakati to Tiwary, 1 run, sliced to the sweeper cover. This is some clever batting considering not much to come

Tyler: “Pune’s batting is so fragile, one more wicket and Gujarat are into the tail!”


Jakati to Dhoni, 1 run, flat and wide outside off, scythed to deep point for one.


Jakati to Tiwary, 1 run, better from Jakati. Sees Tiwary coming and bowls it wide. Tiwary pushes towards the sweeper cover

Sankalp: “Don’t actually see the point of making MS bat at 6, the guy is not in the best of forms and at this point he needs some time in the middle and not just playing 3-4 overs. Also, he’s even better when he has time to bat”


Jakati to Tiwary, FOUR, shot! tripe from Jakati. Flat and wide outside off, Tiwary pulls through midwicket. Lovely stroke


Tye to Stokes, no run, good length outside off, defended properly to mid-off

Stokes at 4


Tye to Tripathi, OUT, not enough elevation. A slower delivery on middle and leg, the knuckle ball. Tripathi lifts the ball, but can’t hit it over mid-off. Hits it to mid-off, where Finch takes a simple reverse-cupped catch. A wicket in his first over on IPL debut

RA Tripathi c Finch b Tye 33 (17b 3×4 2×6) SR: 194.11


Tye to Tripathi, no run, well bowled. Sees Tripathi coming and follows him. Stabbed into the pad


Tye to Tripathi, 2 runs, fullish delivery outside off, pushed away towards cover. An overthrow as midwicket isn’t able to clean up at the bowler’s end

25 runs – the second-most PK has conceded in an over in the IPL. Went for 26 v RCB back in 2008


Tye to Smith, 1 run, there is the slow dipping full toss, pushed to long-on.

Tye has a lovely, away-going slower delivery. Like a floaty slow outswinger. Used it quite well for Perth Scorchers


Tye to Tripathi, 1 run, fullish delivery on leg, pushed to mid-off. Good result for Tripathi


Kumar to Smith, FOUR, four more. Drifts down leg, a low full toss, and flicked through backward square leg. Rubbish bowling, undone by the pressure created through the previous deliveries


Kumar to Smith, FOUR, this is great batting. Full and straight, Smith picks his bat up, and then with one swift motion, lifts the ball straight past the bowler. Four more

Srikanth K: “We could possibly see another consecutive record in this match too, after Virat broke it for the most runs in IPL. Raina would most probably again get past Virat to be the highest run-getter in IPL. Same record broken in consecutive matches. How frequently we see that in Cricket?”


Kumar to Tripathi, 1 run, full and straight, hit down to long-on


Kumar to Tripathi, FOUR, full and straight, Tripathi gives himself room and lofts the ball in the gap through cover. That’s Pune’s 50. Sneaked up on me


Kumar to Tripathi, SIX, another lovely stroke. Full delivery outside off, Tripathi gets low and lofts the ball over mid-off. Lots of elevation. Enough distance too. Full face of the bat. Just simple batting

Rishav: “Really feel for Smithy. Most of his bowlers not back him up. No batsmen wants to bide their time and pay price to theor wicket. He has huge about of responsibility. #1MamArmy”


Kumar to Tripathi, SIX, another six. Tripathi runs down, gets a legcutter and then slaps the ball over midwicket. Hardly hit that. Sublime


Jakati to Tripathi, 1 run, another nice stroke. Gets to the pitch and flicks through midwicket for a single.


Jakati to Smith, 1 run, worked away through midwicket for one


Jakati to Smith, no run, a flat one down leg, off the pad this time.


Jakati to Smith, SIX, that is sensational. Steven Smith runs down to the pitch, gets there and lofts the ball over long-on. Beat the bowler in the mind


Jakati to Smith, no run, flat outside off, chopped away towards point


Jakati to Smith, FOUR, superb from Smith. Flat delivery outside off, Smith knew his area and then swatted the ball through midwicket. Saw that vacant area


Kumar to Smith, 1 run, a low full toss, swinging away. Smith runs down and bunts one to mid-off for one


Kumar to Tripathi, 1 run, legcutter, pushed towards extra cover, a quick run. The throw deflects of Tripathi’s bat, but Tye saves the boundary.


Kumar to Tripathi, no run, good length delivery outside off, pushed towards mid-off


Kumar to Tripathi, 2 runs, slower delivery outside off, worked towards square leg for a couple. The throw is a little slow, but accurate. Right over the stumps, but safe. Can’t take so long


Kumar to Tripathi, no run, change in pace. The slower one outside off. Just inside the tramline. Left alone


Kumar to Tripathi, FOUR, good length outside off, just a dab-slap to point. Beats the infield and races away. Sensational timing


Basil Thampi to Smith, FOUR, enough of hitting along the ground. Hit it over. Full outside off, Smith walks across and flicks the ball over square leg with enviable, nonchalant ease.

Sree: “@Ram – B Aparajith is a technically correct batsman, such people start with a perception disadvantage. It is assumed they can’t play fast. Pujara is yet to break through, Aparajith has no chance.”


Basil Thampi to Smith, no run, Raina again. Good length around off, flicked away through backward square leg but Raina dives to his right to save runs. At least two of them


Basil Thampi to Smith, no run, full outside off, driven away to cover. McCullum fields

Rishav: “Bit of risk but they should play Khawaja. At least their batting is strong and solves opening problem. This sort of 50-50 team weakens both batting and bowling.”


Basil Thampi to Tripathi, 1 run, a misfield. Full outside off, pushed away towards cover, who parries the ball and allows a run.


Basil Thampi to Tripathi, no run, better comeback. Good length on middle, blocked back

dez: “Strange to drop Roy rather than McCullum or Finch – he’s outscored them?!”


Basil Thampi to Tripathi, FOUR, superb shot. A low full toss on middle and leg, thumped past mid-on for four. Nice full face from Tripathi