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International and IPL matches will not be tax free in UP


Lucknow : International cricket matches and matches of the Indian Premier League will now come under the ambit of entertainment tax in Uttar Pradesh.

The Yogi Adityanath government has taken a decision in this regard and also issued a government order. “It is for the first time that the international cricket matches and IPL matches will be coming under the purview of the Entertainment Tax department. The Uttar Pradesh government has also issued a government order in this regard on May 3,” Kanpur district entertainment tax officer Praveen Gupta told PTI. Kanpur’s Green Park stadium, the only international cricket venue in Uttar Pradesh, hosted two IPL matches last week. “The entertainment tax will be 25 per cent of the ticket amount and the revenue is significant. The IPL ticket price is of reasonably high value and it is a commercial venture. Hence it comes under the purview of entertainment tax,” Gupta said.

He also informed that states like Delhi and Maharashtra have been levying entertainment tax for several years.

Gupta also said, “A notice has been issued to BCCI almost a week ago, and a second one is in process. The department will recover the tax from the BCCI in form of arrears.”