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India’s coach for women boxers resigns


New Delhi : India’s first ever foreign coach for women boxers — Stephane Cottalorda — has resigned within a month of taking over, complaining of delay in salary payment and lack of professionalism in the national federation.

The 41-year-old Frenchman, who took over in August, e- mailed his resignation to the Boxing Federation of India (BFI), saying that he could no longer wait for the fulfillment of promises made to him. “I think I have been patient enough, it’s been a week since I returned to France. None of you would take the risk of crossing the earth with his family by not having any guarantee on his future. None of you would agree to work without wage guarantee and/or with delays,” Cottalorda wrote in a strongly-worded resignation, a copy of which is with PTI. Cottalorda alleged that he repeatedly communicated his concerns to the federation, which did not act on them.

“Despite my e-mails and requests, I note that I still have not received salary for August. I have no accommodation or any guarantee concerning this one as well as the payment of the expenses,” he added. “For these reasons, which testify to a lack of professionalism and seriousness, I would not return to India anymore. Nevertheless, I wish you good results at the Asian championships.”

The federation, on its part, said most of Cottalorda’s demands have been met and they would try and persuade him to come back.