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Here’s what you need to know about Satnam Singh Bhamara


Satnam SIngh Bhamra

It is completely alright if  you haven’t heard about this gigantic personality. He is massive, burly, enormous, but what you should know that he is the first Indian basketball player to be picked at the National Basketball Association. He has made it to the League with sheer hard work and determination which has brought him to terms where the world recognizes him. The name of this Indian prodigy is Satnam Singh Bhamara.

Satnam is an Indian Basketball player who was born on December 10th 1995 in a village called Ballo Ke with just 700 inhabitants.

He was 7 ft tall when he was 14 and is 7’2” as of now. His father is also of the same height whereas his grandmother (father’s mother) is 6’9”!

He weighs 290 pounds and wears a size 22 basketball shoe.


Satnam was selected among the 29 students who spent three months at the IMG Academy in Florida.

He couldn’t speak English fluently but was elected as the “homecoming king” by his classmates.

As a kid he idolized Los Angeles Lakers great Kobe Bryant and also admired India’s Jagdeep Singh Bains.

Further he also represented India in the Under-16 FIBA Asian Championships in 2009 and helped Punjab win Gold medal at National Youth Championships in Trichy. This shows he was pretty focused at his game.  

At the age of 19 he started working hard on his physique and got trained under experienced coaches.

He has represented the India National Basketball team at the 2011 Fiba Asia Championship and the 2013 Fiba Asia Championship.


In the 2014-15 basketball season, Satnam averaged 9.2 points, 8.4 rebounds and 2.2 blocks per game in under 20 minutes for IMG.

In April 2015 Singh became the first player since 2005 to be for the NBA draft in June without any experience under the league or anywhere overseas on a professional level.

Today, June 26th 2015 will be written down in history as Satnam Singh Bhamara has become the first Indian player to be drafted in the NBA at the 52nd pick by the Dallas Mavericks.