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Hamilton won`t give up ritzy lifestyle despite Damon Hill warning about risks


Lewis Hamilton

London : Lewis Hamilton will not change his jet-setting lifestyle despite Damon Hill warning him that it can ruin his bid to make history with a title hat-trick. The ex-champion believes that the 30-year-old F1 star lost the last round in Spain to team-mate Nico Rosberg because he “took his eye off the ball,” the Mirror reported. Hill said Rosberg went home between races and said “right, I’m not having any more of this” and focused on the next job, but Hamilton went to film in Italy, then went to the Mayweather fight between Bahrain and that race, adding he was not in his best form because of the jet lag.

He added that Hamilton gives the impression that he has been successful and he wants to enjoy all the fruits of fame and that’s great, but his first task is to win races, that’s where everything comes from. Howvere, Hamilton hit back saying that people are entitled to their own opinions of him, whether it is right or wrong is irrelevant, adding “What is important is that I enjoy what I am doing and when I know I am stretching myself.” Hamilton, who has done this for long enough and has two world championships now, said that he knows what he is doing and he will know if he is burning himself out or burning both ends of the candle and when he should push back. He noted that he is going to do those trips as he likes to do what makes him happy and there are a lot of positives and bonuses from that, adding “I was not quick enough in Spain but that was not because I had been travelling.”