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During 2015 Ashes series England cricketer Moeen Ali was allegedly called ‘Osama’ by Australian player



Moeen Ali an England all-rounder claims that he was called as Osama during the first Test in Cardiff by Australian player. Ali, hit out at Australian team’s “rude” approach towards him and also he said that he was also distracted and had said “never been so angry on a cricket field”.

“It was a great first Ashes Test in terms of my personal performance, however, there was one incident which had distracted me” ali reported by

Ali also said that here before he was not so angry on a cricket field ever. He also said that he had told few guys also that Trevor Batliss with Darren Lehmann, the Australians coach. Also, Lehmann asked the player that, “Did you call Moeen Osama?” the player denied it and he gave a reply that “No” I said, “Take that, you part-timer”.”

“I must say I was amused when I heard that for there is a world of difference between the words “Osama” and “part-timer” Although I couldn’t have mistaken “part-timer” for “Osama”, obviously I had to take the player’s word for it, though for the rest of the match I was angry.” This was added by England all-rounder.

“But our eventual triumph and the Cardiff crowd’s reaction to me comforted me that the Australian player represented nobody.”

The batsman who is an off-spinner and left-handed batsman first came up with the Australians in 2015 he played a key role both with bat and ball in England’s 4-0 Ashes defeat ‘Down Under’in 2017/18, this score could led him to being dropped.

“Everyone you speak to…they is the only team I’ve played against my whole life that I’ve actually disliked,” said Moeen Ali.