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AC Milan coach proposes to help refugees through Milan derby


Milan: The Milan football derby on Sunday may also turn into a game of solidarity after AC Milan coach Sinisa Mihailovic suggested his Inter Milan counterpart Roberto Mancini of donating the proceedings of match to refugees currently involved in an existential crisis across Europe.

Mihailovic launched his initiative in a letter to “Thank the city of Milan and help immigrants” on the cover of Friday’s Italian sports newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, reports Efe.

“To my friend and opponent twice this year, Roberto Mancini, we should find an association or group that is experiencing difficulties and help with a donation and whoever wins – pays,” Mihailovic said, adding that “If we tie, the donation is not divided, but given twice.”

Mihailovic explained that the Milan foundation is already performing important works of solidarity, but this initiative could have an competitive effect among the players from both teams and fans.

The Serbian coach spoke of the immigration crisis in Europe, with men, women and children desperately fleeing war, genocide, famine and poverty.

He said the problem feels very close as his parents and family also fled the war in the Balkans in 1912-13, but were lucky to have either a son or relative who could help them.