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Pune: Judge’s daughter assaults traffic police, then cries molestation


Pune: In a classic case of pot calling the kettle black, a judge’s husband and daughter were booked for assaulting traffic police on duty. The 20-year-old girl filed a cross complaint against the policeman, alleging that he molested and manhandled her and her father.

The incident which happened on Wednesday, the father and daughter were riding their bike in the wrong direction on a one-way road. They were stopped by two constables for breaking the rules deployed at Swatantrata Chowk on Karve Road. The additional sessions judge’s husband refused to pay the fine, claiming that he was new to the city and, therefore, unaware of the one-way restrictions. This resulted in a heated argument, and according to the police, “the behaviour of the judge’s husband was rude and resulted in his motorcycle injuring the constable,” reported Mid-Day.

A video clip of the said incident has since gone viral on social media, showing the man allegedly slapping the traffic constable several times. “His daughter, too, joined in the assault,” said a police officer. Locals tried to stop the assault, but the father did not relent and continued to beat the traffic cop.

The Deccan Gymkhana police registered a case of manhandling, assaulting and abusing against the duo on Thursday. On Friday, the daughter filed a criminal complaint against the police at the same police station. In her complaint, the judge’s daughter claimed that her father had been abused and manhandled, and that she was also pushed and the traffic cop ran over her leg with his bike, so they were only protecting themselves.