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Stay cool this summer with Truvison ACs


Exclusive TruAer technology for energy saving, self-diagnosis, de-humidification and durability. Gold Fin technology especially designed with an anti-corrosive golden coating making the AC safe and long lasting.

Copper Machine bringing a sturdy life to the AC, R410A refrigerant, eco-friendly features Truvison, a Europe based consumer electronics and appliances company, delivering superior-quality technology across the globe recently entered the Indian market and launched its ZED series AC, with models TWSC141U-AC (1.0 Ton) and TWSC201U-AC (1.5 Ton) – 3 Star ACs in built with superior TruAer technology, crafted with eco-friendly measures that keeps the AC clean and also saves energy. Both the ACs come can withstand the effects of salty air, rain and other corrosive elements by allowing contaminated water on the coil to run off more quickly, thus reducing corrosive effect to the coil. It includes a control panel which has a self-diagnostic function for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Pricing: 1.0 Ton AC is priced at Rs 25990 and 1.5 Ton at Rs 30990. These ACs come with 1 + 5 year compressor warranty and are available in stores across the south and west regions in India. For more details visit:

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