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Your Dream Purchase is Now Within Reach With Flipkart EMIs on Debit Card


Have you ever postponed purchasing a major household item because you didn’t have enough cash in hand or couldn’t figure out EMIs with a credit card? Well, you are not the only one. Not everybody has the means to make a purchase on the spot with hard cold cash and most EMI schemes are possible only with personal loans and credit cards. That’s probably one reason you had to skip over the 42-inch LED TV set you had your eyes on.

Flipkart doesn’t want you to miss out on the products you need and love just because you are short on cash. As there are quite a few people who have a debit card and would prefer to avoid hassle-filled credit processes, Flipkart has now introduced EMIs on debit card. This simple option is bound to empower so many Indians to buy and use things they have always wanted.

Given the widespread use of debit cards, many more Indians can now purchase big ticket items with Flipkart’s EMIs on debit card. What’s a better way to celebrate your financial freedom than buying what you want whenever you want? And It all starts with the debit card in your pocket.

Anyone who has applied for a personal loan or credit card knows the hoops one has to jump through. Interested in getting a personal loan? Good luck with your thick stack of required documents and be sure to take a day off work to get the documents signed and attested. The only other option is to plan months or years ahead to finally make the coveted purchase. But now there’s a better option. With Flipkart’s EMIs on debit card, your dream purchase is just a few clicks away, no matter the price tag.

What’s more? You can instantly opt for this option while paying for your purchase online. You don’t have to wait for approval. You instantly get to know your eligibility and there’s no paperwork involved. Additionally, there’s no processing fee involved. Thus, securing credit is now much easier with EMI on debit cards.

To avail the facility, fill your cart and continue to check out. On the payments page, select EMIs on instalments as the payment option. Select EMIs on debit card and proceed with the payment process. The scheme is currently available on Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and SBI debit cards. To find out if you are eligible for EMIs on debit cards, SMS DCEMI to 57575

So what are you waiting for? Make the most of your shopping experience with Flipkart because nothing you want is out of reach thanks to the debit card in your pocket.