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Global investment thought leaders meet in Mumbai


Global investment thought-leaders meet in Mumbai: say India is set to “leapfrog” other nations through innovations such as alternative investments

Mumbai, 16th March 2016: The Indian investment industry has the potential to leapfrog the rest of the world by embracing alternative investment strategies, according to William J. Kelly, the Chief Executive Officer of the U.S.-based Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association, which gathered several global thought leaders in Mumbai for a symposium today to discuss the burgeoning Indian financial sector. Kelly was joined by several CAIA executives and industry veterans from around the world including Peter Douglas (Singapore), Alexander Ineichen (Switzerland) and Jo Murphy (Hong Kong).

Alternative investments, which have been used by large institutions such as pension plans, charitable endowments and wealthy investors for decades, have become prominent in recent years as investors seek returns that are uncorrelated with the fluctuations of traditional stock indexes. Such investments include private equity funds, real estate, hedge funds, commodities and infrastructure investment such as airports and toll highways. Since they are less correlated with traditional financial markets, alternative investments have the potential to enhance the risk and/or return characteristics of an investment portfolio.

CAIA’s Kelly points to India’s long history of private investing as evidence that the nation’s investors have always looked for diverse investment opportunities and have not been satisfied solely with the traditional equity and bond indexes that are so pervasive in many countries.

“India is one of the most dynamic and fast-moving countries in the world, and the pace with which financial innovation takes hold in India bears that out,” said Kelly. “For example, research shows a 28% growth in private equity deal value in India during 2015. That’s simply amazing.”[1]

As the world’s foremost alternative investment education and networking body, the CAIA Association is dedicated to helping investors, regulators and industry professionals better understand alternatives and keep pace with the rapid rate of change that marks both the investmetn and regulatory landscape that surrounds this investment category. CAIA’s Jo Murphy pointed out the importance of adopting global best practices, “We have seen how it is critical for countries to embrace the highest standards of ethics and professionalism across all forms of alternative investments. Since CAIA Association is a global non-profit organization, its educational programs are trusted by all industry participants around the world.”

Today’s landmark event featured prominent industry experts who explored the benefits of alternative investments, the steps required to invest in an alternative strategy, the global alternative investment landscape, opportunities in India and the evolving regulatory framework governing alternative investment funds in India.

Speakers included:

· Mr. William J. Kelly- CEO of the CAIA Association
· Mr. Peter Douglas, Principal – CAIA Singapore
· Mr. Alexander M. Ineichen- on the Board of Directors of the CAIA Association
· Ms. Jo Murphy, Managing Director – Head of Asia Pacific, CAIA Association

“We are delighted by the success of the event” said Mr. Kelly. “I was particularly inspired by the level of enthusiasm for innovation – for a new path that can propel the Indian investment sector toward an even brighter future.”

As it establishes a permanent presence in India this year, the CAIA Association has allocated a limited number of complimentary seats for industry professionals in its Fundamentals of Alternate Investments (FAI) certificate programme, an 20-hour, online programme that provides a foundation of core concepts in the sector. Those interested in learning more about this program should contact

About CAIA Association:

CAIA (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst) Association was founded in 2002 and is considered the world leader and authority in alternative investment education.

The Fundamentals of Alternative Investments Certificate Program� is a natural extension of CAIA’s mission to provide solutions to specific market needs for alternative investment education. For more information on the FAI Program, please refer to

The CAIA Association is best known for the CAIA Charter, an internationally-recognized credential granted upon successful completion of a rigorous two-level exam series, combined with relevant work experience.

Earning the CAIA Charter is the gateway to becoming a member of the CAIA Association, a global network of over 8,000 alternative investing leaders located in 80+ countries, who have demonstrated a deep and thorough understanding of alternative investing. Having grown rapidly, the CAIA Association today, supports vibrant chapters located in financial centres across the world and sponsors more than 120 educational and networking events each year.