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Discovery brings out the high octane drama and passion for Gold mining in its highly rated series – ‘Gold Rush’


New Delhi, November 14, 2016: Since antiquity, Gold has been the most cherished metal known to mankind. India’s passion for the yellow metal remains unparalleled.  While an approximate 30% of world’s gold production is consumed by Indians; it produces only a fraction of its consumption and is the largest importer of Gold.

Gold mining has been a risky business – where one wrong move can cost a crew millions of dollars. Powered by magnetic storytelling and compelling characters, Discovery brings its highly acclaimed series GOLD RUSH where the miners take on greater risks in hopes of finding more gold than ever before. But not every gamble always pans out with massive profits.

With a mix of high-stakes drama and gripping story, GOLD RUSH will air every Tuesday at 10 PM starting November 15.

Returning from a record-breaking gold mining season is 21-year-old miner Parker Schnabel. The series begins with a sad start for Parker as he has lost his beloved grandfather, mentor and an expert miner – John Schnabel. In this reality series, Parker who attains the leadership role, will be tested more than ever as he navigates the many changes in his life. This year, he makes his biggest operational investment by ordering a customized $600,000 washplant. But will it be enough to beat out his rival Todd Hoffman? Parker’s gold mining plan is to go lean and mean on expenses in an attempt to make his biggest profit yet.

Meanwhile, the competitor Todd Hoffman takes the biggest gamble of his life, turning his back on the Klondike region and moving his entire operation to Oregon (US). Todd is on a quest for huge gold nuggets at the High Bar mine, located high up in the mountains. It’s a bold move – with Todd so confident that he sets an ambitious 5,000 ounce goal – more than 2,000 ounces than his best-ever total in the previous seasons of Gold Rush. But with the first Oregon clean ups way below expectations, Todd begins to wonder if he’s made a massive mistake. Could this season mark the end of the Hoffman crew?

In this season of Gold Rush, legendary Klondike miner Tony Beets, aka “The Viking,” is back and doubling down by investing $2 million in resurrecting a second historic gold dredge – twice as big as his first.  Last year, people thought he was crazy for investing in his first ancient dredge. But Tony is hoping that once again he can accomplish the impossible. But first, he must transport the 75-year-old abandoned dredge from a remote spot 150 miles down-river. He’ll need his family to step up to the plate and run the rest of his gold-mining empire. But when his first dredge sinks within days, Tony’s son, Kevin, finds himself in his father’s firing line.

In advance of the new season of GOLD RUSH, beginning November 15, Discovery viewers can binge on prior seasons with a special ‘Story So Far’ at 10 PM.

This year’s Gold Rush season is filled with the same excitement, as miners have upped the ante by setting up higher goals. This season the miners will take on even greater risks in hopes of finding more gold than ever before.

Gold Trivia:

1.    Amongst the top gold producing countries in the world, China is in the lead in first place followed by Australia, Russia in third and United States holding fourth place.

2.    Canada’s Barrick Gold Corp. (TSE:ABX) holds first place in global ranking in gold production.

3.    Gold is one of the most recycled materials in the world. Amazingly gold recycling accounts for one third of the total production.

4.    United States tops the reported official holdings in the world. (source: IMF IFS; World Gold Council, Dec 2015).  US holds 8,133.5 tonnes of Gold, whereas India ranks at no. 11 with 557.7 tonnes.

5.    In India, besides fascination for gold jewellery, it is considered the most pious metal. This charm is validated by the fact that India is the biggest importer of gold today.

6.    USA’s fascination with Gold Mining dates back to 1848 when the famous California Gold Rush happened. Miners extracted more than 750,000 pounds of gold during the California Gold Rush.

7.    ‘Klondike’ marks the story of the last great Gold Rush in history. In 1897 two friends made the perilous journey through North American wilderness to the Klondike boom town Dawson City, “The Paris of the North”, which was  filled with murders, revenge, riches and redemption.

8.    Gold mining always catches the attention of individuals, probably that’s the reason Discovery’s popular series Gold Rush has been the highest rated show not only in US but across the world.

Catch all the action of Discovery’s popular series GOLD RUSH every Tuesday at 10 PM.

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