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Plan to fix meters to measure waste water

Taking serious note of effluents released by industries, the govt has issued an order to treat water before it is released into the river


The state government which has warned to dismiss the C

ity Councils ( Nagar Parishad) for treating waste water before it got mixed with river, is now sitting idle over its order. Now the government is mulling over the idea of having a separate water meter to measure waste water in every industrial installation.

The state has 70 major rivers and except the Wardha river in Vidarbha, all others are highly polluted. The ecosystem of water bodies has totally collapsed. Taking serious note of the water pollution, untreated waste water from cities, government issued an order and made it mandatory for Municipal Councils to treat water before it was released into the river.

Councils were warned that they may be dismissed. But nothing happened. While admitting that no action was taken on any council, State Water Supply and Sanitation Minister Laxmanrao Dhoble said that he would follow- up the matter with Urban Development Department.

” If anyone uses 100 litres of water daily, 70 litres will be waste water. I think that as every household or establishment has meters to measure water intake, now there should be meters to measure the waste water they send to the river or other water bodies,” Dhoble emphasised.

River cleaning plan

The Water Supply Department has chalked out a plan for cleaning up of rivers like Godavari, Manjara, Bheema. ” It will be submitted to the cabinet soon,” Dhoble told FPJ. But cost of this project is more than 5000 crore which means without major help from central government, state cannot implement this ambitious plan.