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Your Attitude, Your Ally


Bing Crosby, the Hollywood actor and singer, who was popular in the forties and fifties, made this song popular: ‘You don’t need to know the language to say you are in love’. In fact, you don’t need to know any language to say, ‘I like you’ or ‘I love you’ or ‘I envy you’ or ‘I like my job’ or ‘I am bored’ or ‘I am happy’, and so on.

 People can speak without making any sound. What we think shows through the manner in which we act. Attitudes can be said to be the mirrors of the mind. They reflect thinking.

Professor Erwin H. Schell, an authority on relationship says: “There is something more than competence that creates accomplishment. It can be defined in a single word called attitude. When our attitude is right, we are our best.”

 I have this habit of always choosing a particular petrol pump to fill up my car tank. This particular service station is ordinary-looking but it is crowded. I discovered the reason for it being crowded always on the very first day.

 When I entered the pump, an attendant signalled to me to tell me where I should park my car. While I was waiting, he wiped the front windshield of my car, saying, “Today is a dusty day. Let me wipe the inside also.”

 Quickly and efficiently he did his job, filled my tank, tested air pressure, gave me the change and a jovial salute. It was only a little courtesy but because of it I never go to any other petrol pump. It was obvious to me that this little service attracts customers, inflates profits and makes the place popular. Today the owner has established several more branches in the town.

 Russell H. Conwell author of Acres of Diamonds said, ‘‘Money is important. It prints the Bible. It builds the Churches. It builds centres of justice. It creates facilities for health. It is the value of the paper that brings food to eat.”

 But what is puzzling about money is the backward approach using money to buy people, to corrupt behaviour, to destroy values and degenerate culture.  Well, money cannot be harvested unless you plant seeds to grow money. Those seeds are the services you give to others. Money automatically follows. When you develop correct attitudes, they become your allies.