Free Press Journal

Who am I to Judge another, when I walk Imperfectly.


So much of our mental energy could be saved to do some constructive work if we can follow this…!

All it needs is a Humble heart.

We tend to find faults when we think we are superior to others.

Actually we r insignificant but enamoured by the Lord’s illusory potency, we think we are “Something”.

We must pray to the Lord to have the humility that we can accept our own faults and only see good in others. On our own, it’s impossible.

The fault finding is one of the greatest distractions from what we actually have to do in life. And that is to purify our own Consciousness because the world is nothing but a reflection of our consciousness. Once our consciousness is pure, we see purity everywhere and vice versa.

The purity of our consciousness depends on the type of sound vibration we subject ourselves to. The sound can either make us or break us. When we hear negative sound, we tend to become depressed but our consciousness is uplifted when we hear some positive words.

Above all, if we hear the spiritual sound (scriptures, names of God), our consciousness not only gets uplifted but it also builds a protective armour all around so much so that as soon some negative sound vibration strikes, it gets neutralised immediately.