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The feelings of pain and suffering


To define it simply, pain is of the body and suffering is of the mind. We could say that suffering is the pain of the mind. Pain is something we have no control over, but we definitely have a choice when it comes to suffering. Our mind is devious and adept at making a big issue out of inconsequential things, leading to anguish. For example, a toothache is a form of pain but by anticipating it, fearing it and focussing on it endlessly, the mind makes you go into suffering.

I have seen the film industry very closely. Being out of work even for a short period often causes immense suffering. In my personal experience too there have been times when I have barely had any work. This situation can be devastating and celebrities can quickly sink into depression or cling on to addictions or even take drastic steps sometimes. Such outcomes are avoidable. There are ups and downs in every profession and every aspect of life. It all boils down to our perception.

One of the main reasons spirituality is being spread at a rapid rate is for people to learn more about life, themselves, the mind and what’s beyond. To take charge over your mind is a difficult task. It is the answer to many of our problems but it’s a practice that needs guidance and divine intervention.

You must realise that the situation created by the mind is much worse than the actual situation itself. Thinking of what will happen next can cause immense stress. Living in the present is a term we all hear many a times. But it is actually a practice that comes easily only after we have gained control over our minds. We all know of ‘Maya’. Hindu scriptures say that the Truth is beyond the illusion we call life. The realization of this truth can also help us go beyond the miniscule conventions of life. Meditation is another way in which we can achieve victory over our minds. However all teachings and meditations are in vain if there is no Divine connection. My earlier guru Shri Bhagwan use to say “Man cannot make it on his own. It has to be given to him”.

Finding the Divine that is sitting inside you waiting and yearning for your attention is the beginning of a great relationship. When you discover the Divine in your heart and not outside is when you will be able to deal with all suffering. In our current state we are all interacting and playing into the hands of our minds and ego. Once a connection with our Divine is established we start communicating with that power instead of the foolish mind.

My Master Shri Dadashriji says that the creator has not made our paths difficult for us to reach him.

Divinity is right here.

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