Free Press Journal



Everyone says, “Think big!” They say,“ Do big” or, “Become big!”A lot of them even say, “Make it big!” It’s always  to do with big. This makes me wonder, “Is ‘bigness’ really that big?”

What about ‘smallness’? Is it really all that ‘small’? Why isn’t it in currency in popular lexicon? Would there be this big hallowed life to which we all hold so fastidiously, without the existence of small germ cells? Does not the smallest of DNA segments determine the big characters of living beings? Would there be an awe-inspiring Earth if the millions of small and smaller elements uniquely placed in the order of things did not exist? Even the unfathomable universe is made more comprehensible by the millions of tiny atoms in inseparable bonds.

Nature, from where all lives emerge, actually thrives in smallness! The vastness of the ecosystem lies in the numerous small organisms and microorganisms that are uniquely placed to make life subsist on this lonely planet. And the life-giving rain nurses us with its tiny bead-like droplets. Ask a bird about the warmth of its nest and it will tell you about the numerous little twigs that have gone into making it warm.

What would people be without small ideas and small achievements? What would people be without small milestones and small failures?

Imagine a civilization which does not have that small little spark of fire or those small spokes in the wheel! From hunting and food gathering to agriculture and industrialization, human beings have travelled along way. How a step at a time has constituted a giant leap for humankind! Aren’t we all aware of the colossal power of the splitting of small atoms into even smaller ones and our failure to foresee its consequences?

The magnificence of our dreams, having the potential to shape and reshape existence is built on thousands of small imaginings both permanent and transitory. Beautiful poems that fire our souls are constituted of small words, words that are profound and moving.

Why do we rush for the big always? Why do we live a frenzied existence? Why do we hanker for greatness? Why can’t we play well our little designated parts so that this big world can be redeemed of its manifold large catastrophes?