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Sahaja Yoga Meditation to de-stress destitute women


Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Her Holiness Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga, who, not only gave self-realisation to millions of people, but also supported the destitute women by setting up an NGO Prem Ashram in New Delhi.  In keeping up to fulfil Her vision, the beneficiaries of Sahaja Yoga meditation while spreading Sahaja Yoga, also care for the destitute women. The Sahaja Yoga meditation is a process of self-actualization that transforms and synergizes one’s inner dimensions to become moral, united, integrated and balanced being.

On an invitation from one NGO, associated with UNICEF Chapter of Telangana State, some Sahaja Yoga Meditation beneficiaries working at IT MNCs in Hyderabad, organized a unique “Stress Management through Sahaja Yoga Meditation” session. The NGO, ‘Balavikasa’ has been supporting a group of destitute women (young widows) in Kazipet, Warangal district. Normally, such bereaved group people are desolated from leading a normal life in their societies.

This Meditation session enlightened them on ways to realize the inner consciousness which helped to revitalize their lost confidence level and de-stress them to a great deal. Many women felt cool and warm vibes on their hands which resonates the flow of the subtle energy across the plexus that reign the autonomous nervous system. Even the foreigners were taken aback by surprise when they started to feel the vibes over the fontanel bone area on top of their head. All the participants expressed their desire to do this simple meditation technique as part of their daily routine.

Failure to acknowledge and take action to reduce stress has potential physiological, psychological, occupational, and economic effects. This workshop aimed to impart an understanding on the conceptual underpinnings of stress and practical strategies to prevent, reduce, and manage stress in one’s life.

This Stress Management technique is FREE and is practiced in more than 120 countries across the globe. Many have reaped umpteen benefits by exercising this effortless meditation for not more than 15 minutes each day which is further backed up through experimental verification by each and every individual in their senses.

The Balavikasa NGO has also planned to extend this technique to their spread across different States. The Hyderabad IT Corporate team led by Uday Shankar Peyyeti was accompanied by a team of interns nationals from-Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, USA and Canada.