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Sahaja Yoga Meditation: Experience of a family


With Sahaja Yoga Meditation, one gets Self-Realisation after his/her Kundalini is awakened, becomes thoughtless for some moments, during which his Kundalini power connects with the all -pervading Universal energy. This unique and simple meditation which is taught or trained by experienced Sahaja yogis free of charge as mandated by Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, is practiced by many all over the world. Those who are continuously and regularly meditating, have positive experiences even during stressful situations.

One family of six members from Allahabad, who are all practitioners of Sahaja Yoga meditation for many years has explained how their divine connection helped them and supported their travel program to complete safely and return  to their home. Meera Rai, who is also a counsellor, said, “As our regular travel plan every year, we had planned a Kullu-Manali-Dharmashala visit in Semptember this year. We were lucky that our car driver was also a Sahaja Yoga meditation practitioner.

We were walking in Mandi on the road along the Beas River enjoying the sunlight; Manikarnika was an interesting place where we felt to sit for long time. From there it took us to reach Manali more than 10 hours. To show us the beautiful Rohtang Pass our driver took us there.  It was like dream come true. A beautiful and vibrant place where there is Maharshi Vyas Samadhi and also Beas river starting place. On return to Kullu from Manali, it was clear road for us that when we reached a particular place, there was land slide and JCBs had cleared the road. Nowhere had we had to stop our car for clearance of landslide debris.

At night 10 pm we just thought of seeing the news on TV. Alas, what a Surprise. After we came back from Rohtang pass, there was heavy snow fall upto 4ft  and many cars and visitors affected who were shifted to safety by Helicopters. And the  bus and truck behind us were stuck in the Beas river flood. We had reached our place at Darmashala safe and secure with the divine connection and the blessings of Shri Mataji” concluded Meera Rai.

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