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Meditation 4 Why Don’t I Make The Right Decisions In Life?


Shubha Vilas Das

Continued from 18/12/2015

Anxiety driven decisions – When running for life, will one even have the desire to eat or drink, let alone the ability to do it? Just like one has to have a stable body to relish the joy of tasty food and drink, a stable mind is a prerequisite to relish the satisfaction of tastefully taken decisions.

In the Mahabharata, all of Bhishma’s decisions were anxiety driven. His anxiety to protect the throne of Hastinapur led him to many wrong decisions; more than that, his anxiety made him decision-less sometimes.

Opinion driven decisions – Others’ opinions are like sticky notes put on the walls of our minds. But before we use those opinions in our decision-making, we should establish clarity in our hearts by developing the skill of personal discrimination.

When dharma becomes the foundation of the heart, clarity becomes the background on which others opinions can be judged.

In the Mahabharata, Duryodhana’s opinion was constantly molded by his uncle Shakuni, towards the systematic destruction of the dynasty. Since Duryodhana did not have background clarity of dharma, he blindly followed Shakuni; not seeing his dubious agenda and the deep ditch he was shoving him into. But though Krsna also molded Arjuna’s opinion, Arjuna used the clarity lens of dharma to analyze every strategy suggested by Krsna.

Only when one finds an opinion coming his way that stands the test of principles based clarity and not driven by personal agenda of the advisor, one should consider it.

(To be continued)