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Make the right choice- Nityanand Charan Das


When we go through depressing situations in life, there are always two options: To give up or to stand up and fight it out. The later is certainly a better one as we give ourselves another chance. The first option totally takes us out of the ring.

If we fight and stay in the ring, atleast there is a chance of winning a medal. But if we give up, we are absolutely out and gradually giving up becomes our habit. If we have the attitude of giving up, then that becomes our nature.

Bhagavad Gita mentions five factors responsible for winning any battle.
1) Jiva (The Person- The Soul)
2) Karma
3) Place of Action
4)Endeavour & finally
5) The will of the providence/The Supreme Lord.

If the first 4 factors are in our favour but the last one is not, we will be unsuccessful.  But even if the first four are not in favour but the last one is, we will achieve all success.

Therefore we r always dependent on God and those who remember and serve Him and seek His help, are always successful in life. And the most important aspect of having faith in god is having faith in his timing. We need to have patience and enthusiasm to succeed. When we pray to Him, we still might have to fight, but we will be victorious for sure.

Everything is pre-written, but with prayers it can be re-written…Because now god has taken the reigns of the chariot of our life in his own lotus hands and he will take it wherever he sees the best prospects for us…which also, eventually, are created by him alone.

As soon as we pray, we get immediate strength. Let’s learn to fight with god on our side. All the opulence of this world are god’s opulence. Duryodhna chose Krsna’s army (opulence) whereas Arjuna chose Krsna himself…and the rest is history. People possessing mentality like that of Duryodhna only want Krsna’s opulence and not him…and ultimately they meet the same fate as Duryodhna.
So let’s be like Arjuna and give Krsna a place in our life and see the wonderful magic that manifests in our life.