Free Press Journal

Make Education in Moral and Social Values Compulsory​


Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj

Since the dawn of civilization, war has been a constant threat to mankind. This threat ranges from the everyday violence of small-scale civil conflicts, to the vast devastation left by the great world wars. It is thought that group-violence is generally against an established system, order or dogma which seems to that group as outdated, meaningless, unjust, authoritarian or inimical to the rights and freedom of their class, community, caste etc. This violence is, therefore, considered as an expression of deep- rooted frustration, resentment, rejection, revolt or rebellion.

One factor common to all violent killings is that the perpetrator first kills his own good conscience, and then only the lives of others become irrelevant to him. This killing of one’s own good conscience —at least in the initial stage is done by one’s hatred, anger and feeling of enmity or revenge towards them whom he considers his enemy. So, unless and until we have institutions which strengthen one’s good conscience and eliminate or considerably reduce feelings of enmity, anger, hatred or vengeance, and, in their place, generate the feelings of love and brotherhood, we cannot have a society where there is peace and non-violence. So, the Governments today must support such institutions, for thus they would be saved of spending a major part of their budgets on security or law- enforcement and this, in turn, will have so many economic and other benefits for the whole society.

It is a pity that some government’s are not clear in their mind that education in values also is an important education. While many educational and research institutions of the government’s praise activities carried out by such  socio-spiritual institutions in the field of moral orientation, consciousness-training and Yoga Meditation and approach them for their expertise in these areas, there are others who think that only academic subjects constitute education. Let us all hope that the government’s in various countries across the world would understand the importance of such institutions which are spreading light and love by a clear statement that education in moral and social values and in Yoga Meditation also is a very important part of education. So, let us raise demand for education reforms by coming together in unity & get rid of our laidback attitude to move into the age of enlightenment where our thoughts will be constantly loving, pure and harmonious.