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Love and Strength


What does love mean in each of four Yogas?

In the Bhakti Yoga, it is easy to understand the concept of love. It is pure love towards God, without any expectation. To give a small example, it is just as the mother’s love towards the new born baby. We can say it is love for love’s sake. If such a love can be developed towards God, it definitely brings infinite grace on you.

In Karma Yoga, it is performing all our actions with the spirit of dedicating the fruits of action to the Lord. Or, it is our love towards Him that makes us work for the well being of all.

In Jnana Yoga, it is the idea that the whole world is nothing but the manifestation of God. So, to love all the beings is loving God. In this case, not much of differentiation is made between God and His beings.

In the Raja Yoga, it is almost like Bhakti Yoga. There the love is towards the personal God. Or, it may also mean to feel the divine in our heart by raising the power of Kundalini. When one gets the vision of the Divine, then his heart will be filled with love & What is the meaning of strength in Advaita Vedanta and what should I do in my everyday life in order to be

There are three types of strength mentioned in our scriptures  for the holistic development of a person — . Physical Strength, Mental Strength, and  Spiritual Strength. They are called in Sanskrit as  BaahuBalam,  Mano Balam and  AatmaBalam,

Swami Vivekananda always meant these three things wherever he refers to fearlessness. But, to acquire this, we have to be very pure  and truthful. The fear comes because we don’t hold to truth

Gandhiji is a great example for his fearlessness because, he valued truth at most.

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