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Life Navigators


They navigate you through your personal and professional problems. They are life coaches. In other words, they don’t mind their business. They make your business theirs says Farhana Madar

Daily we come across strangers that greet us with their happiest smiles. We cross-paths with these individuals and never see them again. We’re unknown to their journey, the battle they may be fighting and perhaps the pain beneath that smile, and the turmoil hiding behind a well put together exterior.

From the wealthiest of wealthy individuals to the less privileged in society, the downward spiral known as negativity can catch hold of just about anybody. As a matter of fact, according to a study conducted by W.H.O., India has the highest rate of depression in the world.

Sadly, in India there is a stigma and taboo attached to the very thought of seeking help. Words like, “Log kya sochenge?” has prevented many from taking a step in the right direction. Despite that, ignoring this nonsensical mentality and obtaining professional support is the stepping stone to recovery.

Enmity can creak in at any point in our life and children are often the prey. Instead of ignoring a red flag, such as, aggression, taking professionals help is the best thing to do for the child.

Pritha Saha, Mumbai based therapist states, “Behavioural problems can arise at any time and age. Even a 3yr old can have anxiety and anger issues due to various reasons. If it is not dealt with adequately, the problematic behavior can become a part of the child’s personality. 8 yr old Arnav Gupta benefitted from Art and Play therapy. He learnt effective method of communication without reacting. By imbibing this at an early age, his communication skills will develop with time and add to his individuality.”

She adds, “But the process doesn’t end here, the parents also underwent counseling to understand Arnav’s side of the story.”

As a matter of credit, Ankita Gupta (parent) shares, “Our goal while counseling Arnav was to understand his feelings. He had difficulty 2ndlead1expressing and would lose his temper at the drop of a hat and used foul language. Ms. Pritha with her experience was able to get through to Arnav and guide him. My husband and I are also in a better position to handle his anger now that we know what’s really going on in his mind. As both working parents we are happy we took this step.”

Milind Jadhav a Certified Life Coach expresses, “Recently I came across a client who was unemployed and struggling to find a job. Her marriage was falling apart, she had lost her confidence and she was frustrated.”

He adds, “Over the course of 3 months, I shared with her new and powerful perspectives of life. She was open to change and serious about it and slowly she started developing a new world view. With a new found positive attitude she started enjoying life and life rewarded her with a high paying job and much more peace and happiness.”

“Milind’s coaching helped me change my entire perspective of life. It helped me understand how others think. He helped me gain my confidence back and with the help of various exercises he made me believe in myself all over again. He not only helped me get my professional life back on track, but also helped me get back my personal life. Most importantly he showed me how I can take control of my life.” says Roopa (name changed), Working Professional – Sydney.

Consequently, for those conflicted souls, unsure whether to seek help, here are some words of wisdom from the Life Coach himself, “Whoever you are, remember you are NOT stuck. Only lampposts and trees are stuck. You are a human being. You have power. All the solutions you are seeking are not out there. They are inside of you. Your job is to seek them. If you can do it yourself, great, if not, take the help of a professional!” says Jadhav.

Also to share, Mumbai based Life Coach Snigdha Mishra states, “One of the first cases I handled of a 22 year old girl with Depression. She had extreme hopelessness and suicidal ideation. I targeted the suicidal thoughts and hopelessness simultaneously. The girl responded well to the treatment and is still in touch with me. The high of therapy termination is something I can never forget.”

With gratitude, her client asserts, “Snigdha is an extremely perceptive and well trained therapist. The skills she has taught me are applicable in multiple spheres of life. Therapy helped me gain an entirely different and more effective perspective of my life and made me open to other people and ideas.”

Life Coach, Tarannum Yogesh Dobriyal, shares, “A Lady from a well to do family was physically & mentally abused from the last 20 years by her husband so much so that she had lost her self esteem, self confidence, and self belief. I mentored and coached her through EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) & Bach flower remedies, which helped her to regain her identity & self worth.”

Therefore, after reflecting on the fact that everyone is fighting their own battle, our first duty is to be kind to the world at large; and our second duty is to never neglect seeking guidance if that’s what our psyche is longing for.