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There are three forces in nature: Brahma shakti, Vishnu shakti, and Shiva shakti. One of these may predominate in you. Brahma shakti is the force that creates something new; Vishnu shakti is the ability to maintain; and Shiva shakti infuses new life, destroys old things and brings transformation.

Some of you have Brahma shakti. You may create something well, but you may not be able to maintain it. For example, you may make friends very quickly, but the friendships do not last long.

Others among you have Vishnu shakti. You cannot create but you are good at maintenance. For example, you have long-lasting friendships, but you cannot make any new friends.

Some of you have more Shiva shakti. You bring in new life or transformation, or you can destroy the whole setup.

With guru shakti, all three shaktis have fully blossomed.

So, identify which shakti predominates in you and aspire for guru shakti.

Often people think they are in control of their life, their situation, their world.

Control is an illusion. The whole world moves according to the laws of Nature in an auspicious rhythm of innocence, intelligence, and divinity. That is Shiva.

Shiva is the eternal state of Being, the One without a second, the harmonious innocence that knows no control.

Control is Vashi – Shiva reversed. Vashi is of the mind. Vashi is weakness. Vashi is doing something by exerting unnatural pressure. Vashi requires two, and duality is the cause of fear. Shiva, that harmonious innocence, dissolves duality.

Shiva means wholeness of the moment. When there is no regret of past, no want of future, the moment is whole and compete. Time stops, mind stops.

Every cell in your body has the ability of all five senses. You can see without the eyes; vision is part of consciousness, which is why in dreams you can see without the eyes. There is an expression “looking with a thousand eyes” – you are all eyes.


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